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Take your product visualization to a whole new level with Augmented Reality

Display your Products like never before while dramatically improving the efficiency of your marketing and reducing the long-term costs of your campaigns

Give your campaigns the "WOW!" effect!


AR can greatly improve the impact of advertisements while it provides a detailed product preview for your customers

Our services can help you grow your Market Presence and Brand Recognition with amazing applications which will give your customers an Immersive and Personal Experience

  • User Experience

  • Return of Investment

  • Customer Relation

Increase your Return-Of-Investment through better Customer Engagement, while they discover hidden perks when scanning your products or ads

We are a young, student-owned startup company from Germany with a passion for innovative technology.

It is our mission to develop interactive applications which integrate your products seamless into the real world and give your potential customers an awesome first-contact experience

But what is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is a technique that utilizes computer vision to recognize and track real world objects and to place virtual objects on them.

AR applications can track a wide range of objects like flyers, newspapers or posters to mention a few possibilities and place a three dimensional model of your product on them

Give your customers the opportunity to preview your products

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