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Our story begins at the German technical University "Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt" or HSHL for short.

At this place we first discovered the possibilities of Augmented Reality and we thought how cool would it be to make it available for everyone

With this thought on our minds we began to plan how to realize that vision and came to the conclusion that we want to develop AR applications for marketing purposes because we got a strong affinity for product visualization

After a long period of planning and developing our first AR apps we decided to found a StartUp company focused on AR development.

Our headquarter is located in L√ľnen, a small town in western Germany. This is where we work, tinker and spend our freetime. It is more like a living room for us because for us work and fun are equal.

It is important for us to work in a homely enviroment to keep our motivation and efficiency on an all time high.

It is our passion to play with AR and our products are developed with the same spirit: Playful, crafted with love and friendly.

Our philosophy rests on three pillars: Fun, Friends and Love.


Most important for us is fun. Products crafted with fun will have a soul that we can pass on to our customers


We are all friends at IntARaction Labs. We spend our freetime together and we love working together, which gives us the opportunity to maximize our performance and contributes too a positive enviroment.


We love our work and we love our products. You'll notice that each of our Apps is carefully handcrafted and customized.